Our data scientists include leading econometricians, statisticians, survey experts, financial analysts and market scientists with deep experience in the application of data, and sophisticated analysis, to the payments and commerce ecosystems.

This is the same team—Evans, Murray and Schmalensee—that uncovered major flaws in the Census Bureau’s retail data and is now helping Census to improve their data so that it is more relevant for today’s modern retail and commerce decision-making.

Evans and Schmalensee are among the early pioneers in research on multisided markets and the authors of the best-selling Matchmakers: The New Economics of Multisided Platforms (Harvard Business Review Press, 2016)They are also the authors of Paying with Plastic: The Digital Revolution in Buying and Borrowing (MIT Press, 2004), which remains the leading authority on the payments industry.




David leads the What’s Next Data Analytics™ team and serves as the chief economist.  He has conducted projects for clients around the world that rely on big data, large-scale surveys, and sophisticated econometric techniques.  He has also published numerous widely cited academic articles based on econometric analysis of data.  David has served as an advisor to numerous multinational platform businesses, particularly in the payments and online industries, including many startups. David is the Chairman and co-founder of What’s Next Media and Data Analytics and He has a Ph.D. from the University of Chicago.



Marketing Science

Karen is an expert at using data-driven research to provide actionable intelligence to executives, particularly in payments and commerce.  She is one of the world’s leading experts on payments, and connected commerce, and a widely sought after keynote speaker. She has served as a strategic advisor to CEOS and Boards of Directors or multinationals as well as startups. Karen is the CEO and co-founder of and its parents What’s Next Media and Data Analytics. She has an MS in Marketing Science from John Hopkins.




Richard is the former Dean of Sloan School of Management at MIT where is the Howard W. Johnson Professor of Economics and Management Emeritus.  He has served as a business advisor and board member to some of the world’s most prominent platform businesses.  Dick is one of the world’s leading experts on business behavior and the author of many influential articles on this topic. Much of his work, as a consultant, business advisor, and academics, has involved the creative application of econometrics and use of data.  He was a member of the President’s Council of Economic Advisors.  He has a Ph.D. in Economics from MIT.



Statistical and Financial Analysis

Scott has more than 20 years of experience analyzing large databases, using sophisticated statistical and financial techniques, for client in diverse industries, most recently payments and commerce.  He leads the development of indexes, and other data-intensive studies, for the What’s Next Data Analytics™ Tracker and Index business.  A former investment banker, Scott has an MBA from the University of Chicago.



Survey Design and Execution

Nancy Mathiowetz is an expert on survey methodology, specifically issues related to questionnaire design, mode of data collection, and measurement error. She leads What’s Next™ large-scale surveys. Nany  is an active member of the American Association for Public Opinion Research, serving as President, 2007-2008. A Fellow of the American Statistical Association, she was formerly co-Editor, Public Opinion Quarterly. She has an M.S. in Biostatistics and a Ph.D. in Sociology from the University of Michigan.




Alexis is an econometrician who has developed dozens of data products that cover the payments and commerce industry for What’ Next.™ He manages a team of analysts that process and compile hundreds of million of data points. Using these data he has developed vanguard econometric models to explain the current problematic and to predict the future trends of the industry.  Alexis has an MA in Economics from Universidad del CEMA and he currently serves as a Visiting Professor of Economics at Universidad de Buenos Aires.